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Mobile learning in teacher training at ENS Abidjan


This research aims to analyze the uses of mobile phones by student teachers as part of their initial training at ENS Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire. The quantitative and qualitative data are analyzed from a questionnaire survey of 60 student teachers of Mathematics who own personal mobile phones. Results shows that they use these devices to interact with colleagues, trainers and resource persons. In addition, as part of their training, these mobile devices allow them to search for educational resources, store and access it whenever they need it. Based on the uses of such tools by the student teachers, we argue how they can be used by teacher educators in their initial training duties.

Mian, Bi Séhi Antoine. (2012).  Mobile learning in teacher training at ENS Abidjan. frantice.net, Numéro 5 – Septembre 2012. Récupéré du site de la revue : http://www.frantice.net/document.php?id=545. ISSN 2110-5324

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