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MOOCs Battle: cMOOCs Vs xMOOCs

Dans l’univers très récent des MOOCs, il existe les cMOOCs et les xMOOCs  Quelles différences fondamentales entre ces deux approches? Ce tableau comparatif tiré du billet Comparing the MOOCs pourrait éclairer notre compréhension de la bataille entre les deux tendances…

Learning outcomes developing digital, social and intellectual Web 2.0 skills; « to choose an answer » (Cormier, 2012) acquiring knowledge; « to find an answer » (Cormier, 2012)
Topics open and prospective topics, where knowledge is still to build through experience, debate, analysis, identification of patterns… basic topics or, at least, topics where knowledge is formalized, stabilized, delimited; introductory courses
connectivist approach, building one’s own knowledge by sharing and discussing with others traditional approach : clearly structured, closed to what you find in classrooms, reassuring
Expected effective audience learners with prerequisites in digital skills (Kop, 2011) larger audience, less digitally skilled learners